The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is to define the rights and obligations of parties in an online sale by Océarium du Croisic box office via the website www.ocearium- (hereinafter the ‘Site’ or the ‘Website’), and which shall take precedence over all other inconsistent terms and conditions.

These general conditions of sale apply to an order placed by the customer via the Website for one or more admission tickets. They can be consulted on the website www.ocearium- .

Océarium du Croisic reserves the right to adapt and amend these general terms and conditions of sale at any time. In the event of amendment, the general terms and conditions of sale in force on the day the order is placed are applicable.

1 - Creation of an account

1-1 To place an order on the Site, the customer must create a personal account. The customer must fill in the form giving all the personal information needed to open his/her account and process the order, i.e. title, first name and name, address for invoicing, address for delivery, telephone number, valid email address corresponding subsequently to the customer’s username, with creation of a password. The customer agrees to transmit true and accurate information. In any event, the email address must be a valid and accessible address for the Customer. Océarium du Croisic will in no circumstances be liable for the Customer being unable either on a temporary or permanent basis to access its email address. For any question relating to the use of personal data, the Customer is invited to consult our Privacy Policy. In addition, the Customer must keep his/her information regularly updated, particularly before placing an order.

On each visit, whenever the Customer wishes to access his/her personal information in his/her ‘My Account’ space or whenever he/she places a new order, he/she must first identify him/herself by registering his/her username and password.

1-2 It is agreed that the online communication of usernames constitutes proof of a Customer’s online identity, as well as an electronic signature within the meaning of the Code Civil, since usernames are personal, individual, confidential and non-transferrable. Generally, the Customer is entirely responsible for the use of his/her usernames, and he/she is responsible for the safe-keeping of his/her password. He/she must make sure that no unauthorised person has access to his/her personal account.

The Customer must inform Océarium du Croisic immediately of any unauthorised use of his/her usernames and/or any breach of security affecting his/her account.

The Customer may request to have his/her customer account deleted at any time. He/she must send his/her request for deletion to Océarium du Croisic by email to or by letter.

2 - Order

Procedure for placing an order

To purchase tickets online, the Customer must:

  • have the legal capacity to place an order, i.e. be over 18 and not subject to any supervisory care or guardianship order;
  • have an existing account on the Website;
  • read over these general terms and conditions of sale before validating his/her order. The Customer formalizes his consent by ticking the box containing the words: ‘I declare I have read and accepted these general terms and conditions of sale’ printed at the bottom of the general terms and conditions of sale. Failure to accept them may result in his/her order being invalidated;  
  • validating his/her order after checking it;
  • and paying in the way provided for.

To make an order, the Customer must identify him/herself and fill in a form setting out in detail the services ordered. The Customer undertakes to provide accurate information in the order form (type of tickets, postal details, email address, etc.). Only individual admission tickets to the Océarium du Croisic are on sale The Customer is informed in real time about the availability of tickets. The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased online per order is 19. A summary of the order can be found under ‘My Order’, which can be consulted at any time and which sets out the main points of the order including the ticket(s), quantities, individual price(s), any price reductions, payment method, and total amount of the order.

Whilst the order has not yet been validated, the Customer is entitled to reopen it to complete, modify or delete it. The Customer can validate the order by clicking ‘Validating my order’ after reading and accepting these general terms and conditions of sale. This last click constitutes an electronic signature, and is the equivalent of a hand-written signature (hereafter the ‘Acceptance click’). After clicking the Acceptance click, the order will be considered as definitively made. Every order placed on the Website is full and final. In accordance with article L 121-21-18 of the Consumer Code, it will not be possible to cancel orders for admission tickets. All data provided together with the confirmation as registered constitute proof of the transaction. Confirmation constitutes signature and acceptance of the transactions made.

Each order once validated implies an obligation to pay on the part of the Customer. Océarium du Croisic remains the owner of the tickets until full payment.

2-2 Confirmation of the order:  Océarium du Croisic will send confirmation of the order by email, together with the invoice corresponding to the order and the tickets ordered. The tickets provide easier admission (priority access ticket, no need to queue at the ticket desk), during the validity of the ticket. The tickets will be electronically controlled at the entrance and proof of identity may be requested. The tickets must be printed out or presented on a smartphone.

Customers are reminded that Océarium du Croisic cannot in any circumstances be held liable for any failure to send the tickets if the email address given by the Customer is mistaken. 
In the case of any problem concerning receipt of the tickets, the Customer should check the spam mail in his/her email box.

3- Validity period of admission tickets

Tickets purchased on the Website will be valid for a period of 365 days commencing on the day of receipt. Once the ticket’s validity date is past and the Customer for whatever reason has still not made a visit or used his/her admission ticket, i.e. lost or stolen ticket, the admission ticket will be definitively lost. Océarium du Croisic will be entitled to keep all payments received from the Customer. No refund or exchange will be possible.

4- Prices-Payment

4-1 The prices of tickets are set out on the Site at: Prices are in Euros and net of taxes. The total price at the time of validating the order will be the definitive price, inclusive of taxes and administrative costs. The price is set out the email confirming the order and on the invoice. The Site proposes different price ranges depending on the type of visit, as well as the age and status status of the ticket holder. Visitors entitled to a reduced price must be ready to present updated ID and corresponding ID proof at the entrance. The Customer is responsible for choosing the price range, which will be full and final once paid. Any Customer normally entitled to a ticket at a reduced price, but who has purchased a ticket at the full price will not be refunded the difference in the prices. Océarium du Croisic reserves the right to change the sale price at any time. Tickets will be invoiced in function of the price ranges set out on the Site at the time of the order, subject to availability.

4-2 The Customer will be sent an invoice when he/she confirms the order. The full price will be paid once the order is confirmed.
Payment of the order will be made by the Customer by bank card. Océarium du Croisic has entrusted its banking partner, Crédit Agricole, with its payment system to ensure online payment security. The banking partner guarantees the confidentiality of banking information, protected by the SSL web security, which systematically controls the validity of access rights during payment by bank card and encrypts all the exchanges to ensure confidentiality.
The card-holder’s account is debited once the order is validated. This process is independent of the printing of the tickets.

Once payment is registered, Océarium du Croisic will send the Customer a confirmation email.

Validation of the order by typing in the bank card number and its expiry date constitutes authorisation to pay the price including all taxes included in the order. The data relating to the bank card will be kept only during the time it takes to process the order.

Payment for orders under these general terms and conditions of sale can only be made by bank card (only Carte Bleu, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard cards are accepted).

To protect bank card owners, Océarium du Croisic reserves the right to suspend the processing of any ticket order in the case of a refusal to authorise payment by bank card. Océarium du Croisic reserves the right to cancel a Customer’s tickets in the event of dispute over the payment of a previous order.

The Customer should keep or print the confirmation page or email sent by Océarium du Croisic as proof of his/her order.

5- Privacy Policy

5-1 Processing of personal data
For any question on the use, security or processing of personal data, the Customer is invited to consult our Privacy Policy contained on the Site.

5-2 Policy on cookies
A cookie is a small file containing data which is copied onto the Customer’s hard disk. Cookies can be installed automatically on the web browser. Cookies are used to authenticate automatically the Customer on the authentification portal and the information on the browser navigation (e.g. pages visited or dates and time) which may be read during your subsequent visits to the Site.
Océarium du Croisic can is entitled to send cookies whenever the Customer uses the Site. The customer can find the cookies used on:

6- Opening hours

The Customer is responsible for making sure that on the day of hie/her visit Océarium du Croisic is open to the public. Océarium du Croisic reserves the right to change its opening hours. The Customer will in no circumstances be entitled to any compensation from Océarium du Croisic in the event of any change in opening hours. Océarium du Croisic will not be liable to make any refunds in the case of visits cancelled due to force majeure (eg transport failure, strikes, exceptional weather conditions, etc.).
Before his/her visit, the customer is invited to check opening hours on the Site at:

7- Presentation of the ticket

The Customer can present his/her ticket on a smartphone or computer tablet, or as a paper printed ticket at the Océarium du Croisic entrance. The printed tickets should be of sufficient quality to enable easy reading of the code bar. Any change, copying or resale of admission tickets is prohibited.

7-1 The printed ticket

The online purchase of tickets is subject both to the general terms and conditions and the special conditions set out below. Each coded ticket is provided with a barcode permitting one person access to the visit. In the case of loss, theft or duplication of a valid ticket, only the first holder of the ticket will be allowed access to the visit. The Customer remains responsible for the use made of the tickets. Updated proof of identity may be requested at the entrance. The Customer must at the time of receipt of the ticket by email, check the name, the validity end date and the price set out on it. The ticket cannot be exchanged or refunded and entitles the holder to one visit to the Croisic Océarium. The end of validity date is set out on the ticket. The ticket can no longer be used after that date. The Customer must hold on to the ticket throughout the visit.

7-2 The dematerialised ticket

This ticket is only valid if presented on smartphone or computer tablet, with the barcode, type of ticket, date of purchase and validity date easy to read. A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a single ticket per person. The smartphone screen or the computer tablet must allow for reading via a hand-held computer. Océarium du Croisic declines all responsibility for any anomalies arising during the presentation of the ticket in QR code format.

7-3 No ticket presentation

In the event a ticket has not been printed in advance by the Customer before arriving at the Océarium du Croisic, or cannot be presented on a computer tablet or smartphone, the ticket holder will be no longer entitled to priority access, and must, if necessary, wait and proceed at the reception desk.

8- Customer Service

For all questions or problems concerning an order, the customer should contact Océarium du Croisic by telephone: 02 40 23 02 44 or by email:

9- Intellectual property

The Océarium du Croisic is the owner of the intellectual property rights on the Website along with its contents 
Therefore, any total or partial reproduction of the Site or the elements contained on the Site is strictly prohibited.

Any reproduction or use of the elements of the Site is a breach of the IP laws and regulations.

Océarium du Croisic reserves the right to take legal action against persons in breach of its rights and these general terms and conditions.

10- Warning

Océarium du Croisic shall ensure the operation of the Site so as to allow for optimal use in the conditions established under these general terms and conditions. The Customer declares it is informed as to the lack of reliability of the internet, especially as to:

  • security of data transmission;
  • the obligation to protect its material or computer network with a regularly up-dated anti-virus ;
  • the non-guaranteed performance regarding volume and speed of transmission of data ;
  • the fact that there is no guarantee as to continuity of access to the service.

The Website may occasionally be suspended for maintenance purposes to ensure for the proper operating of the Site

Océarium du Croisic will not be liable for any dysfunctioning of the Site owing to maintenance, technical problems, inability to access the Site or server host failures

11 - Dispute resolution

Any dispute arising out of purchase or sale transactions concluded under these general terms and conditions of sale, concerning their validity, interpretation, performance, termination, implications or consequences and which cannot be resolved between Océarium du Croisic and the Customer, will be brought before the competent courts in accordance with the principles of ordinary law (droit common).
The customer is informed that he/she is entitled in any event file for contractual mediation, including before the Consumer mediation commission (la Commission de la médiation de la consommation) in the event of dispute.

In the event that any provision of these general terms or conditions of sale is considered or declared, by any court decision, to be unlawful or unwritten, the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions will continue in full force