They have black backs and white fronts with black markings. The penguin’s head is also black, crossed by a white band. When penguins are born, their plumage is thicker and bluish-grey in colour. It only turns black in their second year. Penguins live in groups called waddles. They are very comfortable in water, reaching top swimming speeds of 30 km/h. They are rather noisy birds and their cry has been likened to that of a donkey. They eat oily fish like sardines and anchovies. The main predators of African Penguins are Cape fur seals, seals and sharks. An elaborate courtship display takes place before two birds pair off: when a male penguin and a female penguin have chosen one another, it is usually for life. Each pair produces one to two eggs a year. These eggs are incubated first by the male, then the female.

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Bird family / Spheniscidae


70 cm and 2.5 to 4 kg

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To discover during the layover