6 action-packed themes to choose from

During your school trip, your students will discover more than 4,000 specimens through 56 seawater aquariums, the tunnel, the Australian shark basin, the penguins of Cape Town, the sea turtles will take your school group from the Atlantic to the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

- Guided tour:
40 mins
- Free access to the Océarium after the guided tour

- Minimum 20 people
- Maximum 35 people

Feeding the penguins
- Every day at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.
- Duration: 10 minutes


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PS - MS - GS

This visit is focused on awakening the senses. Your students will be able to:

  • - TOUCH a starfish,
  • - FEEL the dried seaweed,
  • - LISTEN to the Atlantic swell,
  • - SEE the ballet of jellyfish.

3- The Atlantic Ocean

Cycle 2/3

Since its inception and thanks to its privileged geographical location, the Océarium has been particularly interested in Atlantic animals. Discover one of the most complete collections of marine life on our coast!

5- The sea on our plates

Cycle 2/3

During your visit, you will discover how to use the resources of the sea in a rational way. You will also see that the sea is present in our dishes and in our daily lives in forms as diverse as they are surprising.

6- Tropical seas and sharks

Cycle 3

Thanks to our facilitator, students will be able to better understand the fragility of coral reefs and the biology of this still poorly known animal: the shark.


2- Observe and touch shellfish and crustaceans

Cycle 2/3

In front of the Oceanarium waterfall, your students will be able to touch and observe starfish, shellfish... the animals that inhabit our beaches at low tide.


4- The favorites of the Océarium

Cycle 2/3

Turtles, penguins, octopuses, sharks and seahorses will no longer have any secrets for your students. They will discover their lifestyles, their origins, their specificities.

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Discovering the foreshore

The Océarium is ideally located a few meters from the beach of St-Goustan. Our aquariologists accompany your students on the beach to help them discover the animals present at low tide.


Exit subject to tide schedules, respect of schedules is important for the smooth running of the activity.


Provide appropriate clothing (boots) and lunch (as part of a full day).

For Workers' Councils and +

between 20 and 35 people

Duration : 1hour

Equipment provided:
- bucket
- landing net


I collect, I learn and I preserve the sea with the Océarium du Croisic

I collect
Equipped with buckets and dip nets, the children go out to observe algae and water holes. They will be able to collect the species that have been listed by our guide.

I'm learning
Students will classify the species collected by family and then discover who they are, what they eat, their defences....

and I preserve
Essential gesture... the students replace in their natural environment the fruit of their collection and thus acquire the good gestures of fishing on foot.

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Tour of Ocearium (2 hours) 9,00€ 12,00€ Advantages
  • - Free guided theme tour: 40 min
  • - Free for the driver
  • - 1 free companion for every 10 paying children
  • - Pedagogical notebook developed according to the level of the class and sent free of charge when booking
Discovering the foreshore (1h) 7,00€ 10,00€ Advantages
  • - Free for the driver
  • - 1 free companion for every 10 paying children
  • - Equipment provided: buckets and landing nets
Tour + discovery of the foreshore 14,00€ 18,00€ Advantages
  • - Free for the driver
  • - 1 free companion for every 10 paying children


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