8 Tank(s)
24 Specie(s)
440 Animal(s)

We all know the fish swimming around in this water maintained at 16 degrees Celsius. Recognise them? Did you know that Norway lobsters hide in burrows? Have you ever seen soles swim? Or starfish move? Come and see the colours of the Tub gurnards and Ballan wrasses. There are also some weevers that don't hide in the sand .... but don't worry, there's no chance of being stung!

Our team of attendants has always enjoyed a special relationship with the fishermen of Le Croisic. If the fishermen catch something unusual they call us as they head back to the harbour. The first thing is to place the fish in our quarantine pools and this is done immediately.

Thanks to this close relationship, the Océarium is one of the few aquariums to exhibit a diverse selection of Atlantic fauna.