1 Tank(s)
4 Specie(s)
100 Animal(s)

There are around a hundred rays in this brand new 800 m3 tank of seawater: an impressive sight, and the only one of its kind in Europe. Never before in Europe have so many rays been displayed in one aquarium. You will feel dreamy and contemplative as you watch them softly gliding through the water. Four species are represented.

A display case containing 800,000 litres of seawater: The building housing the aquarium and filtration facilities took twelve months to build. The size of the pool is impressive: 16 m long and 16 m wide, while its height is 3.50 m. One of the major tasks was installing the aquarium's methacrylate window. Built in Japan, its dimensions are impressive too: 20 cm thick, 14 metres long, 3.30 metres high and 11 tons in weight. Three Japanese technicians spent a week in Le Croisic to make the seals.